Hydroponic Fans and Carbon Filters

Searching for the right hydroponic setup for your needs is often a big picture process; hydroponic systems, LED grow lighting, nutrients, you think you’ve got everything you need, until you realise you’re missing one of the essentials; hydroponic carbon filters and fans. With such a vast range, it’s difficult to know which set is the best – will it cover enough area? Do I need more than one? Is it noisy? What happens if I’m not around to turn it off and on?

Hydroponic Discounts offer a range of online hydroponic accessories for quick purchase and delivery, and a personalised, in-store experience for our Sydney based customers. We don’t include hydroponic fans and carbon filters we know won’t work; all of our products have earned their place upon our shelves. Our trained staff of horticulturists and hydroponics experts are here to answer any question and offer real world advice; browse our range below, contact us and get started on your hydroponic project

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