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** To really make your Aerogarden-grown plants EXPLODE with more vigorous growth, higher yields, and better taste, I now recommend these LED grow lights. Please refer to the home page for more information. **

For either the seasoned hydroponic gardening veteran or a complete newbie, the Aerogarden is a fantastic machine.  The ability to grow indoors year-round is not just for winter in northern climes though!  Those of you in very hot locations may have trouble growing or sustaining more delicate produce such as lettuce and herbs as they tend to wilt very easily when overdosed with sun and heat. Continued below.

AeroGarden 7 Pod 2 Light Hydroponic Growing System Model100710 blk
AeroGarden 7 Pod 2 Light Hydroponic Growing System Model100710 blk
Paypal   US $39.99
LED Grow Light

The Aerogarden is great with its small form-factor which allows it to be used in many different locations.  The computer controls can allow you to be as hands-off as possible with the ability to go up to two weeks maintenance free.  So even if you are going on a week long vacation - your plants will be happy at home without the need for a garden-sitter.

Cooking with fresh herbs and vegetables has never been easier - with the Aerogarden, they are always within reach.  You will never again have to pay the big bucks at the grocery store to get  their "fresh" herbs not to mention the fact that you never really know what chemicals where used on them while growing.

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