Aerogarden Indoor Hydroponic Gardening Kit Review

Aerogarden ReviewsNot a fan of getting dirty just to grow a couple of tomatoes? Or do you see yourself an amateur gourmet chef, tired of paying through the nose for “fresh” herbs and veggies?

People outside the loop may view gardening the same way they do vinyl records – old, dirty, and it kinda smells like Grandma Rose's couch. The perception of a lack of excitement and innovation has been officially up-ended with the introduction of the Aerogarden kit by Aerogrow a couple of years ago. Since then, this system has given hortiphiles technology to be excited about which, at one point, was featured in Time magazine.

As a self-contained unit, the Aerogarden kit is a soil-less system in which the plant's roots are grown in enriched or fertilized water – also known as hydroponics. Because there is no soil in the Aerogarden system, it eliminates the mess typically associated with indoor gardening. In addition, you will no longer have to worry about soil borne diseases or bugs typically associated with indoor gardening because it depends on liquid to bring nutrients to the plants.

The Aerogarden Indoor Hydroponic System is complete with a computer controlled pump and appropriate grow light to get the most out of your plants. Built-in automation capabilities allow you to set up your system and let it go for up to two weeks. Use the included seed sets to grow a wide variety of plants ranging from herbs and salad fixings to small vegetables. Aerogarden seeds can be purchased for many others plants, including flowers. Once you place the seed set into the system, you need only set the computer controls to the specific seed type you are growing and it takes care of the rest.

The Aerogarden is built with year-round gardening in mind. Whether you wish to have fresh herbs in the middle of winter in Fargo or want tasty, delicate mesclun salad mix in the middle of a Phoenix summer, your Aerogarden will deliver. If you really want tremendous yield from your Aerogarden, check out LED Grow Lights.

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