Busted Growing Hydroponic Marijuana In An Aerogarden

There is no denying the link between indoor hydroponic gardening for the joy of growing your own herbs and vegetables with the illicit growing of marijuana.  Personal opinion aside, you have to admit that Aerogrow (the company that makes the Aerogarden) had to have seen this as one of the possible uses for the system.  The attention the Aerogarden receives in the media when someone is busted growing hydroponic marijuana is likely an unexpected PR bonus for the product.
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While indoor hydroponic gardening may be linked inextricably to marijuana growing, much to the ire of enthusiasts, tired of people asking them (toungue-in-cheek) what they are growing, you have to admit it is rather funny when someone gets busted.

On April 17th, as reported by the Fort Wayne website that a Warsaw, Indiana couple were arrested for growing hydroponic marijuana indoors using their Aerogarden Hydroponic system.  The Kosciusco County Sherrif's department captured and arrested a husband and wife team for allegedly having a marijuana growing operation in their home.  I always love the word "allegedly" especially when there is undeniable evidence.  However, the term "growing operation" looks to be overkill after looking at the picture.  Their operation consists of a single Aerogarden System with six pot plants growing in it.

Anyways, the couple were arrested after an anonymous tip pointed police in the right direction and were charged with possession and cultivation.  Both were held on $1000 bond, each.

While I chose not to grow marijuana in my Aerogarden, what you do with yours is your business.  Despite the growing popularity of growing pot in an Aerogarden, don't hold your breath for Aerogrow to start making marijuana seed packs!

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