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UFO LED Grow Light

Finding the right UFO LED Grow Light to buy

UFO grow lights have become quite popular in recent years, partially due to the fact that LED grow lighting in general has increased its market share. In addition, the compact form-factor and its ability to just take it out of the box and plug it in and you're in business is a feature that HID grow lights do not have.

A UFO Grow Light That Works!

At only 90 Watts, this Tri-Band Spectrum Grow Light can achieve the same or better growth and flowering as other grow bulbs with the added benefit of a 70% to 90% energy savings each month. You also do not have to worry about expensive and complicated duct work and fans to remove excessive heat as the LED lights remain warm to the touch.

This is likely the last grow light you will have to purchase as LED grow lights have lifespans that can exceed 10 years of continuous (24hr per day) use.

Buy directly through this custom LED grow light developer - you can get the Original Tri-Band Spectrum Illuminator Grow Light featuring the most advanced LED technology.

The concept of the Illuminator UFO is simple - provide the appropriate light to your plants at all stages of growth.  While this light may seem diminutive at under 1 foot in diameter, the Illuminator Grow Light packs quite a punch for your indoor garden. By blending the optimum spectrum of light (red, blue, and near red/orange) at the appropriate wavelengths, your plants will experience growth during the vegetative and flowering cycles that will make the sun jealous.

The Illuminator UFO has been upgraded to the latest generation of proprietary technology which gives off a deep red light at two very specific wavelengths to bolster the flowering cycle. In addition, it takes advantage of the Tri-Band 5 Spectrum (2 red, 2 blue, 1 red/orange) instead of the standard red/blue lights found typical cheap knock-off LED Grow Lights.

The result of all this technology leads to explosive bloom cycles after thick, stocky vegetative growth.

This company stands behind the performance of their LED Grow Lights, and we want you to try the Illuminator UFO to see with your own eyes how it can perform for you. Try it for 90 days and if you aren't happy, just send it back and they will refund your purchase. They (and I) don't care for the hype & wild claims about who has the best LED Grow Light on the market, just see the proof & validity of our LED Systems in your hands to make that judgment for yourself.

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UFO Grow Light

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