LED Grow Lights & Cannabis

There is no doubt that LED grow lights are a viable choice for cannabis growers. The problem lies in exactly how to use them to ensure you reach your strain's maximum yield and potency potential. Here are the first few installments of a multi-part guide for cannabis grower's who would like to get the most out of their plants when using LED grow lights. Big buds, big yields are not only possible but are expected when you follow these guidelines. Check back often for updates.

What’s New This Year? A Review Of The Best LED Grow Lights For 2013

Review of features & benefits of what you should find in the best LED grow lights available in 2013. No sales pitches, just solid information to help you decide.

LED Grow Lights - Understanding Beam Angles

Choosing the right beam angles on LED grow lights can mean the difference between success and failure. Here is a primer for the newbie.

Organic & Natural Pest Control for Medical Marijuana

Organic and natural methods to control pests on your medical marijuana plants. Don’t use chemicals on your medicine!

The Cannabis Grower's Guide To LED Grow Lights: Spectrum & Wavelength

What spectrum and wavelengths should your LED grow lights cover? Tri-band – Quad band – 6 band – 11 Wavelengths? We skip over the marketing hype to bring you solid analysis.

The Cannabis Grower's Guide To LED Grow Lights: 1W Versus 3W And Higher

1W or 3W Diodes for your LED grow light? 3W diodes are said to offer better canopy penetration than 1W diodes . . . Is this true or just more marketing hype?

The Cannabis Grower's Guide To LED Grow Lights: Lumens

LED Grow Lights, Lumens, & Lux – Do Lumens matter? How bright should my LED grow light be? How to avoid being duped by marketing hype.

The Cannabis Grower's Guide To LED Grow Light Coverage

Manufacturer’s quotes on LED grow light coverage versus reality commonly don’t mesh. Get the truth about LED grow light coverage for growing cannabis successfully.

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