Commercial Greenhouses See 35% Increase In Revenue With TruLite LED Grow Lights

My Hydroponic Gardening Industries, LLC is at it again, introducing their line of commercial LED grow lights through My Hydroponic Gardening, known for bringing innovative products to the commercial greenhouse marketplace, is positioned to permanently alter how produce is grown on a large scale while showing grow operation owners how to increase revenue by 35% or more.

My Hydroponic Gardening LED products can help greenhouse growers in one of two ways. The most common installation incorporates lighting units in outdoor greenhouses as supplemental lighting. As supplemental lighting, LED grow lights allow growers to extend the season by being able to start earlier and run later in the year. Early and late season growing can be tricky because the sun offers less intensity and growers experience fewer daylight hours which reduces crop yield. TruLite LED systems can be connected to timers and light sensors to turn on automatically at a particular time of day or in reduced light conditions. This means that growers can give their crops all of the light they need every day without worrying about inclement weather that blocks out the sun. Growers in places like Seattle, Washington who average less than 50% sunny days can enjoy the same number of sunny days as in parts of California at 75% or more.

My Hydroponic Gardening LED grows lights are also used as the primary lighting source when no natural light is possible. When growing inside warehouses, vertical farms, or even in converted shipping containers, proper lighting is critical to plant life. TruLite’s products are specially tuned for growing indoors – anything from lettuce and herbs to fruits and vegetables – covering all cycles of growth from seed to fruiting. High-intensity diodes are used, incorporating precise wavelengths that correspond to peaks in the absorption spectra of photosynthetic pigments necessary for plant growth.

With the properly tuned wavelengths in My Hydroponic Gardening’s products, growers can see a savings of 35% or more in electricity costs if currently using HID lighting like metal halide or high-pressure sodium. Much of the energy consumed by HID lights are not useable by plants and is just lost as heat which needs venting, adding to overhead. LED grow lights run cool and require little to no venting which reduces operating costs.

About TruLite Industries, LLC

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