Commercial Medical Marijuana Grow Using Illuminator LED Grow Lights

Commercial Marijuana Grow

LED grow lights have made quite an impression over the last few years. The evolution of the industry has been breathtakingly fast - taking only a few short years to go from industry pariah to what is now the gold-standard for indoor growing. One look at this video will put to an end the thought that LED grow lights can't really produce dense bud when flowering medical marijuana.

What this video shows is the inside of a legal, commercial medical marijuana growing facility in Colorado. You get to see a glimpse of how impressive the facility is and, more importantly, the results of a full-scale medical grow using 100% LED.

Illuminator LED Grow Lights - Commercial Cannabis Champ

Nowhere are you going to find video of this kind of grow using any other LED grow light. What they have used in the video is a combination of the 90W and 180W Illuminator lights to completely cover their grow space. On average, each light covers a 2x2 square foot area which allows for excellent use of coverage space per light as well as a bit of overlap. When you overlap the spectral output from several smaller lights, you get a yield boosting effect that can increase production over fewer high-powered lights for about the same cost.

Aside from the obvious that LED grow lights can in fact grow cannabis on a commercial level, I want you to pay special attention at about minute 5 to 6. Note that the operation of outfitted at a cost COMPARABLE to the cost of using all HPS.

What we found was that, although the individual LEDs cost a little bit more than outfitting this facility with traditional high pressure sodium lights, we took into account the additional requirements for at least double the electrical usage. Having to upgrade our electric panel and transformer, to install massive air conditioning units to keep the heat down, to install venting that was to code, and run air cooling through the lights . . . at the end of the day, what we found was that our budget for the build-out was comparable.

Of course long term energy savings and product quality will mean that this facility will make back its investment within about 18 months. So can we finally throw out the tired notion that LED grow lights can't produce and just get rid of high-cost HID lighting??

You can find Illuminator LED grow lights here . . .

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Harry April 2, 2012 at 2:48 pm

I live in Colorado and have been growing since 2000. Several weeks ago I started using Kessils H350 magenta lights. I started from seed and switched from 24>12 after 3 weeks.
I am growing in dirt and only use organic feed + micros.

I am blown away by the rapid growth and general health. My biggest concern is penetration. I will grow short 2 1/2 > 3 1/2. The inter nodes are about 1/2 to 1 1/2 inch.

At this point I am a happy camper!

Fred John Robbins-Ferretti October 5, 2012 at 2:18 pm

Thanks for all the helpful hints
on how to grow indoors. I was TRULY LOST until i came upon this website, now you have made this “OLE MAN” HAPPY!

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