DIY Solar Panels – LED Grow Lights Powered Off The Grid

Solar Grow Light

Part of the allure of LED grow lights is the massive reduction of electricity required to power them - up to an 80% drop over standard HID grow lights.  What this means is that, in the right configuration, you can achieve the same yield using a 90W LED grow light versus a 400W HPS.  The movement towards carbon footprint reduction coupled with the desire to remain stealthy has lead indoor growers to look at solar panels to power their LED grow lights in effort to stay off the grid, however, there may be a better way.

Solar Power For LED Grow Lights

Shifting to alternative energy to power your grow operation is not just for small-time hobbyists. Colorado House Bill 1284 allows cities, at their discretion, to force dispensaries to use 100% solar or wind power for their operations. California is considering a similar measure to help alleviate pressure on an already strained electrical grid.

Whether or not you agree with government regulations on the source of power you use, the fact remains that growing indoors is expensive at the very least and could very well get you busted.

So what can you do to grow more green, keep more green, and keep your grow off-grid?

Is Solar Too Expensive For Grow Lights?

In my estimation, purchasing enough panels to power a simple, small 400W grow room (including lights, hydroponic system, fans, etc) can set you back well over $1000. Yes, this may be able to keep you off the grid, however, there is a much less expensive way to do it. Keeping in mind that the sun does not shine everyday and it takes a good deal of space to set up an appropriate solar panel array, storage batteries and increasing efficiency can alleviate these issues.

DIY Solar Panel Guide

Check out the site below for a comprehensive guide to building your own solar panel array to power your grow room. The guide is well written, easy to understand and comes with some great videos detailing how to go about building a unit for yourself or for sale to others.

Additional Resources On Solar Panels

Here is some additional information on building your own solar panels and grow your own off the grid.

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