Grow Tents

My Hydroponic Gardening are proud to stock a range of grow tents for the indoor producer without the luxury of an extra room or back shed to shield crops from propagation to yield. Small grow tents are perfect when you need the portability and efficiency of a collapsible location – renters, you can make your hydroponics ambitions happen without a three bedroom house with a backyard!

When you buy grow tents from My Hydroponic Gardening, you gain a weather resistant products without the flimsy frames of inferior purchases; all supporting poles are sturdy and quality tested. Hydroponic gardens cultivated in grow tents should have the best ventilation design to support the sensitive environment thriving inside.

From basic grow tents, perfect for first timers, to thermal hydroponic tents fitted out with highly durable features, Hydroponic Discounts offers a range of easy-to-clean, room-efficient products for fast delivery, Australia-wide. Contact our experienced team of horticulturists at My Hydroponic Gardening and let us take care of your grow tent needs.