Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes Indoors: 5 tips on how to maximize yield with minimal space

Hydroponic TomatoesTomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables grown in gardens across the globe. They can be grown in garden beds, in the ground or more modern methods. In recent years, people have begun to grow hydroponic tomatoes to avoid using soil and to have delicious tomatoes year round.

The hydroponic method uses a balanced amount of nutrients and water with proper lighting to grow vegetables such as tomatoes. Although it is easy and efficient, a hydroponic garden requires time and effort to make sure that your tomatoes grow successfully.  The following are five tips on how to have successful growth while taking up little space.

    1.Pots and Containers: A space-saving mechanism for growing hydroponic tomatoes is using plastic bins to place the pots of plants in.  This will let you decide what size you want according to your needs.  Depending on the size of your bin and your pots, you can cut holes to place the pots in.  Make sure to use opaque pins to prevent light from getting into the bins.

    2.Planting Seeds: You can prepare your own seeds for planting or buy seedlings from a nursery.  Buying ready seedlings will save time and energy for growing.  Your plants should be formed into rows and use rockwool and perlite for the growing medium.

    3.Support Stakes: For tomatoes, it is important to insert support stakes in the pots so that the tomato plants grow upright.

    4.Nutrients: For hydroponic tomatoes, you need the right amount of nutrients to water for your nutrient solution.  You should check the pH of the water on a daily basis to ensure consistent chemical qualities. In addition, monitor the PPM or EC of the solution to ensure the proper level of nutrition is delivered to your plants.

    5.Location: You should place your hydroponic tomatoes in a sunny area such as a covered patio or use grow lights to grow indoors.

You can build a small hydroponics system to avoid taking up a lot of space. Growing hydroponic tomatoes can help reduce environmental impact and is a great space saving way to grow a garden.  This is especially useful for city dwellers and those who want to be more environmentally friendly.

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