Hydroponic Accessories

A successful hydroponics garden is built on a combination of conditions, nutrients, accessories and basics. My Hydroponic Gardening are proud to offer a vast range of general must-haves for any budding grower or first time hobbyist; hydroponic pumps, tanks heaters, nutrient meters, ceramic air stones, quality grow room glasses, float valves, infra-red thermometers and more.

Having the right general accessories from day one will ensure your garden succeeds, whether you’re using a small room, back shed or grow tent. If you’re not sure where to start or you’re open to trying a new growing technique, contact My Hydroponic Gardening . Our qualified and experienced horticulturists will put together a general hydroponics package to suit your needs. If you’re short on time or far away from our Sydney hydroponics store, send us an email and buy general hydroponics accessories online to save time.

You shouldn’t sacrifice customer service for convenience, let our My Hydroponic Gardening team help you find what you need.