Hydroponic Lighting

The challenge facing hydroponic gardeners is big, round and heated; the sun cannot be harnessed, although light and heat are now at your fingertips. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to grow your own food without a backyard or a hectare to call your own.

Power is essential to an efficient hydroponic lighting setup – a regulated source of electricity allows you to schedule your dark hours, ensuring your growth receives the correct distribution. Life happens sometimes and we’re not always there to ensure the switch goes on and off at the right moment – buy hydroponic timers and amps online now and ensure everything goes to plan. The correct LED grow lights coupled with nutrients and growth enhancers will improve yields – are your plants reaching their full potential?

Browse our range of Hydroponic lights including CFL, HPS and LED for fast, long-term solutions to your hydroponic lighting needs. Online or in-store at our Bondi hydroponics location, our My Hydroponic Gardening team is always ready to help you.