Hydroponic Pumps

Buy hydroponic pumps online now and save your pool pump from an unsettling end; run-of-the-mill garden pump will stand up against the corrosive balance of your nutrient-rich, growing water. An efficient, working hydroponic system requires pumps to operate, it needs pumps; you can’t get past it, though many have tried. Now we’ve emphasised the importance of pumps, explore our online hydroponic catalogue below and add the product that suits your needs to the cart.

Not quite sure which hydroponic pump will suit your setup? Are you nervous about trialling a new brand? Maybe you’ve only just started your first garden and pumps, nutrients and valves are running together in a confusing stream of jargon. Whatever the case, our experienced staff at My Hydroponic Gardening offer support, advice and old fashioned customer service to all of our clients, online or in-store at our Bondi location.

Get started with us today and save time, stress and cash on your hydroponic essentials!