TruLite LED Grow Light Review

There is a new company out there in the LED grow light game – TruLite Industries, LLC. Their objective: to provide commercial growers and greenhouses with efficient grow technology to help these growers increase their bottom line. The cool part is that they also sell to individuals via their website TruLiteLED.com. So this means that all the effort that goes into creating efficient products that can really boost the yields of mega-growers is readily for little-ole-you!

Who Is TruLite LED?

While they are only now selling to the general public, TruLite LED has been perfecting their products since 2011. Their technology guru has been working with LED grow lights for over 5 years now and had tested DOZENS of lights in the past. After finding similar results among the major players (and being less than impressed) he decided to take this knowledge build one for himself. Now you get to benefit from all that trial and error and pick up a light that is thoroughly tested and refined to be a winner.

TruLite LED separates itself from the rest of the herd with its Tru-Watt™ and Tru-Band™ technology. While these seem like marketing terms, they do serve a purpose to you, the consumer.

First, Tru-Watt™ technology means that your lights will put out the ACTUAL advertised wattage. If you have been looking around the various manufacturers, you may have noticed that there are two different wattages given – advertised wattage (sometimes called nominal wattage) and actual wattage (sometimes called power draw). Typically what you find is that the nominal wattage is much higher than actual wattage . . . more than 2 to 1 in some cases. This means that you could buy a 357W light, but it only has actual wattage of 180W at best. Manufacturers will tell you that this is due to the fact that if you power diodes to their full extent, they usually have much shorter life expectancy because of heat. TruLite LED makes up for this by providing MORE diodes at HIGHER power than the rest. So their TLM100 light is marketed as a 100W light and it uses 84 x 3w diodes, powered correctly so as to give you plenty of intensity for your budding/flowering plants while keeping an exceptional lifespan. To put it into perspective, their TLM400 (400w light) uses 336 x 3w diodes and puts out a genuine 400W of power. Some companies would call this a 1000W+ led grow light! I appreciate the truth in advertising with TruLite.

Second is their Tru-Band™ technology. All LED grow lights work on the understanding that nearly all higher plants carry out photosynthesis using the same primary pigments – Chlorophyll A & B and various Carotenoids. The key is in understanding that 95% or more of the light a plant needs for growth is supplied in just the blue and red spectra of light – most of the greens, yellows, and orange is just wasted light energy that is not used by a plant for photosynthesis. So, LED technology seeks to target those pigments to affect growth and flowering with just a fraction of the light power because all of the wasted spectra from standard HID lighting is not present. The key to TruLite’s success is the accuracy of its chosen wavelengths. Nearly all of the major players say that they target the proper wavelengths but only TruLite actually uses properly tuned diodes. For example, lets say that you want to make a grow light and you pick 660nm for one of your wavelengths. You go to a diode manufacturer and ask for the 660nm diode and they supply it for you . . . problem is that particular diode’s accuracy. If you buy what is on the shelf from a diode manufacturer, you will end up with an inferior product. The manufacturer will tell you that the diode has a dominate wavelength of 660nm – but it has a 20nm spread. This means that you may end up with a diode that puts out 640nm to 680nm. The difference in accuracy and precision could mean an EXPONENTIAL difference in your yield. TruLite has worked with diode manufacturers to get the most precise and accurate diode possible – with as little as a 2nm spread.

TruLite LED Results

After testing and using products from TruLite for about 6 months now, I can confidently give them HIGHLY RECOMMENDED status. Keep an eye on this site as I will be putting up grow journals, reports and results.

Because TruLite’s products were designed with commercial & greenhouse growers in mind, they have solid build quality and reliability. Check out this press release for more about the results you can expect. Whether you are growing herbs & veggies indoors, are a commercial grower, or are growing cannabis, TruLite LED will get you the results you are looking for.