Before you get excited about starting your own hydroponic garden, herb lot or vegetable patch, begin with the simple stuff. If you buy hydroponic pots online, you can save time, effort, cash and maybe a little bit of petrol, as transporting lightweight hydroponic pots can be awkward.

My Hydroponic Gardening stock a number of hydroponic pots in-store and realise the importance of an easy, fuss-free clean-up to all of our customers. Accessories can make your life relatively stress-free as a hydroponic grower; plant matter can get everywhere and disposal can be heavy, messy work – nobody wants to deal with that. Buy hydroponic pot liners to go with your pots and save yourself from picking up old scatterings; sometimes the simplest things can mean the difference between an easy job and a long one.

Talk to one of our qualified hydroponic horticulturists about the best pot for your hydroponic garden or explore our range of accessories below.