Propagation Equipment

At My Hydroponic Gardening, we understand propagation is the most important stage of the growing process; our trained horticulturists have talked beginners through basic processes and helped more experienced hydroponic gardeners and produce growers realise the potential of their setups.

When you buy pruning scissors online and purchase propagation equipment, you’re taking the first steps in ensuring your hydroponic garden is healthy and strong from its early stages. Between figuring out the right balance of water, humidity, temperature and lighting, propagation can be challenging, especially when experimenting with new methods.

Buy aeroponic equipment, stock up on LED growlights, order seedling cribs online and keep your snippet pruners sharp. If you need advice on which substrate to use, an informed second opinion or a friendly, in-store experience, visit My Hydroponic Gardening Sydney or email us at your convenience.

Our experienced team have put together a range of products below – if you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to get in touch with My Hydroponic Gardening Discounts.