Test Equipment – Hydroponic Testing Kits

You’ve perfected your plumbing arrangements, hooked up a long-term lighting plan, and growth seems to be improving as you feed your private slice of self-sustainability a wholesome schedule of nutrients. After plying your greens with enhancers, testing the pH of your hydroponics should be your first action. It may seem simple to first-timers, as a heavy load of must-do’s and advice snippets land in your lap; everybody seems like an expert. It can be simple. Your garden can get off the ground and stay there. How? We recommend a combination of nutrient meters, pH test kits and pH buffer solutions. 

Getting it right, even if you’re an experienced grower, can be a process of trial and error. The My Hydroponic Gardening team have experienced the same issues and experiments as every grower. Our team are highly experienced and qualified horticulturists; we order our stock according to quality and usability of our clients. Buying online doesn’t need to be risky, browse the range of hydroponic testing equipment below.