Who am I?

This site started a couple years back just as a hobby site because I think hydroponic gardening indoors is interesting. It’s kind of like giving a big ol’ middle finger to mother nature – which makes me feel better as I live in the north east where we have optimum growing conditions approximately 4 days of the year. Over the years it has morphed into a near full-time job thanks to all you readers out there. The focus has centered around LED grow light technology for some time now. As the industry matures, the quality of the lights produced is increasing though there are still quite a few low quality lights out there, as well as shady companies.

After getting tons of questions on whether Brand X is good or if Brand Z will do well in flowering, I though that it would be a great service to my readers if I did testing on my own and published it on this site. Since the end of 2010, I have been putting together some grows and reviews of several lights which I am now just starting to publish. Over time, this site will become a repository of information about every LED grow light I can get my hands on.

Why Am I Doing This?

Well, first, because it is really fun! I strongly believe that your chosen profession need not be a chore . . . it shouldn’t be called “work.” Second, I really enjoy the research and spreading the information for everyone. Third, this industry needs more transparency and results driven marketing – not hype-driven marketing. Which brings me to the next question . . .

What Do I Get Out Of It

This is not charity . . . as much as I would like to be independently wealthy and just offer my time and dedication for free, I can’t. While I am not an affiliate with any LED company, just about any other product that I recommend on this site, it is possible (likely) that I will make a few bucks off of it if you buy. That being said, I ONLY recommend products that I have tested, use myself. I am not into making a couple bucks off of someone only to alienate them . . . check out the comments on my articles and reviews, you will see that there is quite a growing community here!

I support growers of all types . . . hobby growers, commercial growers, those growing fruits and veggies, flowers, herbs, orchids, even cannabis . . . are all welcome here. While I am happy to share my knowledge with you all, I really like when it becomes a discussion and we all learn something along the way so don’t be afraid to leave comments.

Right now there are several led grow light reviews on this site – all of which are based on me using the product and seeing results in line with what the manufacturer says. Soon, I will begin posting grow journals, documenting my grow tests for these lights so you can see for yourself how each light performs. While there are only a few reviews right now, more are coming. There are several lights that I have tested that did not make it onto this site as they just didn’t live up to their claims. If you are an LED Grow Light Company that wishes to have your product included on this site, contact me.

I Am Fully Independent

This site is 100% owned and operated by me. I am not a member of or employed by ANY led grow light company nor am I beholden to any of them. The reviews posted here are based on my own findings done under controlled growing conditions.

When I am not fiddling with hydroponic systems and LED grow lights, you can probably find me fishing for largemouth in the big lake, Stripers off the coast or hiking the mountains!

Thanks for taking the time to read this – hopefully you have a better idea of what me and this site are all about.